•  Art 1: The CCPBeuzevillais club organizes on Saturday, December 8 2018, the tenth edition of the "Trails du Tour du Canton". The 24 km race is reserved for individuals . The course 44 km race and 82 km race are open to individuals and "Run & Bike" teams.
  • Art 2: The event is open to all competitors: men/women - licensed or not.


Please note no registration will be accepted without one of the cited documents (Section 6 of Act 99-223, 23 March 1999 on the protection of athletes and the fight against doping) : French Athletics Federation license, another sport federation license,  a medical certificate enabling the practice of running. Join a copy of this document.

  • Art 3: The departures will occur in the "Village Telethon" in Beuzeville-la-Grenier and the arrivals will take place in the hall "Bruno Legros" (parking, changing rooms, showers available).

- departure 6:00am for 82 km race
- departure 10:00am for the 44km and 24 km races


  • Art 4: Minimum age:

- Junior Category for the 24 Km.
- Espoir Category for the 44 Km 82 Km and the Individual or "Run & Bike"


  • Art 5: On the trail: The individual runner runs through the whole event off. In Run & Bike: a runner and a biker start and arrive together, the changes are at the discretion of the runner and the rider to form a united team to the finish. The teams will roll always within sight and voice, without disturbing other competitors. The runner always has priority. Any team caught both riding on the MTB will be disqualified. 2 helmets (1 for each member of the "Run & Bike" team) are REQUIRED and must be attached to the head. The 2 helmets will be controlled at the departure of  the race.

  • Art 6: Time limit: No time limit on the 44 km race. No arrival after 8:00pm for the  82km race or 14 hours of racing. Riders arriving after 08:00pm will not be classified. Nordic walk and Walk (> 6 km/h) are allowed only on the 24 km race (no specific ranking).

    Cut Off Time 37K (Gruchet le Valasse Abbey, Food supplie N°2) : 12:10 am (Got Out of it)
    Cut Off Time 66K (Mélamare, Food supplie N°4)  05:00 pm (Got out of it)

  • Art 7: The course will be delimited by red or yellow ribbons and arrows on the ground. All competitors must have a look at the trip before leaving. No claim will be admissible in case of error of course of one of the competitors.
  • Art 8: Solid and liquid refreshments :
    1 on the 24 Km race : 13 Km
    3 on the 44 Km race : 19 Km, 27 Km, 32 Km
    6 on the 82 km race : 19 Km, 37 Km, 49 Km, 66 Km, 72 km.

    Rescue Center at Gruchet le Valasse Abbey (km27 for 44 and km 37 for 82 km race)

    Runner confort bag :  You can't let us a bag, this bag will be droped to base camp (Gruchet le valasse Abbey, km37). Poles cannot be placed inside the bag.

no cups, no waste. There won't be any cups on the refreshment posts.

  • Art 9: You can pick your race-bib up in Hall "Bruno Legros" in Beuzeville La Grenier on Friday, December 7 from 5:00 pm. to 7:30 pm. or on Saturday, December 8 from 5:00 to 5:40 am and 8:00 to 9:30 am. Bring your backpack to the compulsory material control (82km race). No registration available on the day of the race.
  •  Art 10:
    The 82 Km individual "Ultra-Trail du Tour du Canton" race gives you 4 points for the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc® races.
    The 44 Km individual "Ultra-Trail du Tour du Canton" race gives you 2 points for the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc® races.
  • Art 11 : Required equipment on the 3 distances:

- For the 82km race: a liquid reserve, energy bars, a waterproof jacket, a survival blanket, a fluorescent armband, a whistle, a lamp, two bike helmets for the "Run & Bike. "
- For 44 Km race: a liquid reserve, energy bars, a waterproof jacket, a survival blanket, a whistle, two bike helmets for the "Bike & Run."
- For 24 Km race: a waterproof jacket, a survival blanket.

82 Km Race : The bags will be checked during the race-bib distribution.
No race-bib will be delivered without verification of your bag with all the required equipment.

  • Art 12: Race: The organization reserves the right to change this trip (poor meteorological conditions, road closures ... ..). Distances are given for information and as in all Trail, the kilometers are not marked.
  • Art 13: Ethics: Each rider entered on the "Trails Tour du Canton" accepts to respect the other competitors (no cheating, compliance with the rules), the volunteers, the population of the villages hosting the race and the wildlife and do not throw anything on the ground. Everyone must help everyone involved in dangerous situations. The list is not exhaustive and every transgression to the "spirit trail" will be punished.
  • Art 14: Insurance: Each competitor must be able to justify his personal accident insurance, covering the risks inherent in its participation. You are free to subscribe an additional insurance. The CCPB and the Telethon Beuzeville La Grenier have taken out insurance for this event, but is not liable for accidents, theft or injury.
  • Art 15: Medical Services will be in place on the race.
  • Art 16: Doping tests can be performed.
  • Art 17: Each subscriber enables the organization to use his image.
  • Art 18: The registration fee will be completely donated to the AFM charity association.

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